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We provide specialised certification, auditing and professional training services



We are committed to ensuring that there are no bias to impartiality in carrying out our business or that they are minimized, by means of a specific risk analysis that is constantly monitored.

Achieving excellence

We pursue quality in all our actions. We seek continuous improvement of the way we operate, thus ensuring the highest level of competence and updating in the performance of our activities and maintaining a constant attention to detail in every step of our work, using resources in the most efficient way.

Social, environmental and safety responsibility

We are committed to conducting our activities as responsible members of the civil society, contributing to the progress of local communities, in accordance with the primary role of the company.


We constantly strive to inspire confidence in all parties involved in the credibility of certification and evaluation in general, to our Customers, to the Customers of the Organizations certified or evaluated by us, to the Customers of the People certified by us, to the Authorities, to the Non Governmental Organizations, to Consumers and to the community in general.

Increasing people value

We are committed to fostering the professional and managerial development of those who work within our organization, motivating and recognizing everyone's contribution in line with the organizational behaviours we promote: customer focus, result focus, innovation, reliability, spirit of initiative, interpersonal skills and collaboration.


  • Federchimica and Assolombarda establish Certiquality, a certification body at the service of companies which is specialised in certifying quality, environmental and health and safety management systems and other systems such as information security management systems, as well as in certifying products and in providing auditing and professional training services.

  • Certiquality issues certificate no. 001 to Tioxide Europe s.r.l. with respect to its quality management system.

  • Certiquality arrives in the United Kingdom by issuing an ISO 9001 compliance certificate to Versalis UK ltd., its first foreign customer.

  • Certiquality becomes accredited by Sincert (now Accredia) for ISO 9001. Such accreditation ensures compliance with European Standards EN 45011 and ISO 17021, which apply to certification bodies and guarantee the impartiality and expertise of the accredited entity.

  • Certificate no. 100 is issued to Versalis SpA.

  • Lati Industria Tempoplastici SpA. becomes the first company to be certified by Certiquality against the ISO 14001 standard. This certificate is still valid today.

  • Certiquality becomes the first accredited entity for the certification of environmental management systems against the ISO 14001 standard and also receives the first EMAS accreditation in Italy.

  • The first certification against the OHSAS 18001 standard is issued to Iren Mercato SpA. This certificate is still valid today.

  • Certiquality welcomes its fiftieth employee.

  • Now comes the time for OHSAS 18001 accreditation: Certiquality decides to turn to occupational health and safety certification schemes, key tools in helping companies to reduce the rates of accidents and for promoting health and safety in the workplace.

  • Certiquality becomes a limited company and welcomes its hundredth employee.

  • Certificate n° 10.000 is delivered to TOURING EDITORE.

  • Certiquality adopts its Code of Conduct and Ethics, which contains its values and the rules of conduct that it is committed to following. The code is also part of the documentation which Certiquality has specially prepared for the adoption of the organizational model required pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

  • Certiquality achieves accreditation in the energy sector for certification against ISO 50001 - Energy Management Systems, in order to advise ESCOs, public authorities and any other entity wishing to highlight its commitment to energy efficiency, with the required expertise and competence.

  • In march 2013, the first distance learning training course is set-up, in collaboration with Unitelma.

  • Certiquality´s Professional Training department organises approximately 500 training days, releases 16,000 Internal Auditor qualification certificates and 700 Third-Party Auditor qualification certificates, all standards and certification schemes combined.

  • Certiquality carries-out another 17.000 days of auditing, thanks to its team of over 500 auditors which are qualified and specialised in the various sectors of activity of the audited companies.



The main objective of our activity is to support changes, as a driving force for innovation and value creation, by:
• offering the market qualified services with a high professional content, for the evaluation of Processes, Products, Services of Organizations and people expertise, by supporting the process of continuous improvement also through our professional training services;
• making our People and facilities easily accessible;
• working in close contact with our Customers, thanks to a structure widespread throughout the territory, to grasp their needs and meet them promptly with customized services, aimed at defining the best sustainable development paths from a social, environmental and economic point of view, in the perspective of the circular economy;
• recognizing the centrality of all the People who work within our organization or cooperate with it;
• requiring all levels of our organization to act consistently with the Law, the accreditation standards and the rules established by our Institute to ensure our reputation and the quality of our service and guaranteeing those behaviours to Customers and Institutions.

Our clients

Our clients

Certiquality can efficiently work with:

  • Large companies having one or several sites, nationwide
  • SMEs and companies identified by their reference areas
  • Central government
  • Local govenment
  • Foreign manufacturing sites of Italian companies

Accreditations and certificates

Certiquality is constantly inspected by Accredia, the sole Italian accreditation body. Below are the accreditation certificates, notified body appointments and the most important certificates obtained nationally and internationally by Certiquality.