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Certiquality has offices and agents across the whole of Italy, where over 100 professionals operate, and benefits from the collaboration of approximately 400 auditors.

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    ESEMPIO: Via Delle Industrie, 17/A - Edificio Lybra
    c/o Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico di Venezia
    30175 Marghera - Venezia


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    Via Gaetano Giardino 4, Milan, Italy – VAT no. 04591610961

    Ufficio Telefono E-mail
    Switchboard 0039.02.8069171 certiquality@certiquality.it
    Customer Care 0039.02.80691771 customercare@certiquality.it
    Marketing, Industry Management and Product Certification 0039.02.80691778 marketing@certiquality.it
    Competitive bidding 0039.02.80691730 ufficiogare@certiquality.it
    QHSE Management System Certification & Compliance 0039.02.86968612 sistemidigestione@certiquality.it
    Planning 0039.02.86968629 pianificazione@certiquality.it
    Inspection, Administration, Finance and Human Resources 0039.02.8069171 amministrazione@certiquality.it
    International Business 0039.02.80691706 international@certiquality.it
    Professional Training 0039.02.80691780 formazione@certiquality.it
    Quality Assurance 0039.02.80691736 segreteriadaq@certiquality.it
    General Services 0039.02.80691737 certiquality@certiquality.it